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Efficiency Innovation.

About Hodler Energy

Hodler Energy is located in Sweden and provides residential properties and companies with heat generated from miners and servers.
These servers are being used for mining crypto-currency and providing computing power for rendering and artificial intelligence.

Users can benefit from the heat produced by the server and additionally earn a monthly passive income for every hour that the server is being used. If 3rd parties are not using the servers, it will be used by Hodler Mining to generate crypto-currency.

Cloud Computing.
Anywhere, everywhere

Uptime Guarantee

Whether you use the server to finish your adobe project, rendering or calculations for your AI project.

You will always finish your task in the given time-frame, as processing power is available 24/7 365 days a year.


Multiple servers can be seamlessly connected to provide maximum hashrate or computing power. You can also run various tasks on different types of servers, ensuring you can utilise the right equipment for the task in hand.

Safe & Secure

Server data will be stored in temporary memory volumes. In the unlikely event of a power cut, lack of connectivity or the hardware becomes compromised the memory volume is automatically erased, and the task will continue on another server.

Dedicated Support

We are here to help.

If an end user has specific or unique requirements, regarding rented processing capacity, or want to discuss the most efficient servers to complete a task, let us know, and we will do everything within our power to make your project a success.

Efficient and green

The heat is extracted and put to good use thanks to immersion cooling technology.

Turn your home or your commercial property into a small data-center for 3rd parties and save on heating expenses.
Save money and help protect the environment.

Installation by certified engineers.

Maintenance free equipment - up to 5 years.

Server hardware can be mounted anywhere without extreme modification and can replace or integrate with existing central heating systems.

Earn passive income by heating your home.

Hodler Mining is a crowd-funded FPGA mining operation,
made by Hodler Enterprises and located in Sweden.

In order for us to have a stable and profitable crypto-currency mining business, we usually incorporate the most advanced mining equipment available using immersion cooling technology built for the most profitable output and designed for maximum durability.

Get Your tokens

Tokens can be purchased individually on the Altilly Exchange.
Bulk orders starting at 25 tokens ~ € 150 per token can be purchased by contacting us.

The Hodler Mining tokens will make it possible for you to earn monthly passive income. The shares from our mining operation will be evenly distributed among all token-holders. Rewards can be earned in Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum or Neblio. You can find more information about the investment possibilities on this page.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

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