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Hodler Energy is a crowdfunded FPGA mining operation, established by Hodler Enterprises and located in Sweden.


Hodler Energy uses FPGA miners to ensure a profitable future for its investors. FPGA miners consume less energy per hash and use less floor space than comparable GPU or ASIC setups, providing us with more space and allowing us to reduce the energy costs associated with cooling equipment.  



Hodler Energy utilizes immersion cooling technology to cool the FGPA mining hardware. Immersion cooling ensures equipment is not exposed to environmental variables like dust which if left can cause fire and also increase overall operating temperatures.

Mining hardware cooled correctly extends operating life and requires less maintenance when compared to traditional cooling methods.


Sweden is a crypto-friendly country that allows its residents to participate in crypto-projects without any restriction. Sweden is a country with a lot of data centres. The reason for this is that Sweden has an overcapacity of electricity and provides a circa 95% discount for green and efficient data centres.

Business Model & Key Summary

The key is to offer tokens that share the profit that is being made with Hodler Energy.  The funds raised by offering tokens will be used to purchase mining hardware. We will focus on mining a range of profitable coins, 90% of the general profit will be shared with all tokens holders.

Wallets with unsold tokens are not included in the shared profit. Which means that only people who have tokens will be rewarded. Hodler Enterprises will be retaining 10% of profit for future developments and producing additional profit by selling similar hardware with immersion cooling technology through Hodler Energy.

Hodler Energy tokens are valued at $150 per token. Unlike traditional mining ICO’s, the reason for increasing the price per token is to cover the costs of mining-related fees.

With lower-priced tokens, it is not profitable for any party to reward investors with tokens that have a lower value than the actual transaction fee.

Token-holders are allowed to join our private telegram group, where you can discuss and provide input into future companies decisions, providing you with a voice on our future developments and business direction.

How to participate

At Hodler Enterprises we take our customers and investors very seriously. Your identity will be reviewed by a 3rd party called token of trust, the costs to review your identity will be paid by Hodler Enterprises. The review is a basic check to avoid possible scammers that are looking for official documents from our company to scam other companies. After the review you will be connected with one of the team members so we get to know each other. This will be your account manager for Hodler Enterprises. The order amount will be discussed and the tokens will be transferred to your wallet after payment. You will be invited to our private telegram channel to discuss about the companies decisions and even provide your own opinion about future developments.

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Core Team

Nayiem Willems

Founder & CEO

Javed Mohammad

Managing Director

Marco Valize

Web Developer

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